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Discover practical insights into the Book of Luke. You'll find David Jeremiah's introduction to the Book of Luke on page 1379-1380 of  The Jeremiah Study Bible.

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Resisting Satan

Luke 4:1-13

An event in the Judean wilderness, just after the baptism of Jesus, replayed the contest between Satan and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-7). The first perfect man, Adam, lost that first contest, plunging the world into the darkness of sin. To...

Devoted to Christ

Luke 14:26-35

On three separate occasions, Israel was reminded of what it meant to follow God as a covenant partner: first at Sinai (Exodus 24), next when the nation entered the Promised Land (Joshua 8:30-35), and again after the tribes settled their allotments (Joshua...


Luke 17:11-19

Being rescued or delivered from danger naturally elicits a response of gratitude. Christians ought to have a permanent sense of gratitude to God since they were "delivered . . . from the power of darkness" (Colossians 1:13). But it is easy to take salvation (being...

Unlimited Wealth

Luke 2:23, 24

How rich is God? He owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10–11) and the wealth in every mine. He created everything; He owns it all. And yet, this God of unlimited wealth who lived in the unrestricted space of heaven came to be born as one of us. He...

How to Prepare for a Second Chance

Luke 22:54-62

Peter's life teaches us some important lessons for anyone who longs for the opportunity to make things right.

    • Recognition: Accept what you have done. 
    • Remorse: Experience a time of great sorrow at the full impact of your...

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Luke  Feature Title Page
1:8-10 Historically Speaking The Temple Priests 1381
1:26-35; 2:1-35 Essentials of a Christian  The Virgin Birth of Christ  1383
1:46-55 For Reflection  Songs of the Nativivty  1384
1:46-55 Chart Chart for songs of Nativity 
2:1 Historically Speaking Old Testament Prophecies 
2:41-51 Picture This From a Boy to a Man 1388
3:23-38 FYI Luke's Genealogy 1390
5:12-14 Historically Speaking  Leprosy in Bible Times  1394
6:38 For Reflections The Gift of Giving  1397
8:3 Historically Speaking  Mary Magdalene 1400
  Chart Unsung Women in the Bible 1401
10:33 Historically Speaking The Samaritans  1408
11:2-4 Teaching Points  God's Deliverance  1409
15:19 Historically Speaking  Servants in Jesus' Day  1417
16:14-17 Picture This  Pharisees  1418
19:45 FYI Moneychangers  1424
20:27  Historically Speaking  Sadducees  1425
22:19  Essentials of the 
Christian Faith  
The Ordinances of the Church  1429
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