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Discover practical insights into the Book of Romans. You'll find David Jeremiah's introduction to the Book of Romans on page 1539-1541 of  The Jeremiah Study Bible.

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The Purpose of the Law

Romans 3:20

Paul's readers and listeners may have been confused about the law and its purpose. Pharisees and other pious Jews were careful to do everything they thought the law required; believing that keeping the law would earn them God's favor. But Paul repeatedly...

Ten Characteristics of Divine Righteousness

Romans 3:21-26

Divine righteousness is . . .

    • apart from the law (3:21) 
    • affirmed by the OT Scriptures (3:21) 
    • accepted by faith (3:22) 
    • available to all who believe (3:22, 23) 
    • acquired by justification (3:24) 
    • awarded freely...


Romans 8:12-17

"In the Roman world of the first century AD, an adopted son was a son deliberately chosen by his adoptive father to perpetuate his name and inherit his estate; he was [in no way] inferior in status to a son born in the ordinary course of nature, and might well enjoy...

Suffering and the Christian

Romans 8:17, 18

Many terms are used in Scripture to talk about suffering— among them, affliction, anguish, distress, grief, misery, pain, tribulation, and chastisement. Various metaphors also depict suffering, including refining fire (Isa. 48:10; 1 Pet. 1:6, 7),...

Assurance for Those Who Love God

Romans 8:28

Next to John 3:16, Romans 8:28 may be the most well-known and oft-quoted verse in the Bible. And each section of this verse is important to our understanding of Paul's meaning.

This Is a Definite Promise (and We Know)

"We know" is used five...


Romans 11:33-36

The Greek root word for worship, gonu, means "to bend the knee." We get the word "genuflect" from it—bending the knees to bow before someone greater than ourselves. The early church, recognizing it as a gesture of humility, respect, and submission, incorporated the...

Surrounded by Love of the Saints

Romans 16:2

The title of "saint" for believers is one of Paul's favorite titles and it shows the deep commitment that Paul attached to a believer's life. This phrase demonstrates the value that God places on His people. They are His saints. When Paul asks...

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  Map The Roman Empire 1541
1-16 Teaching Points The Doctrine of Romans  1543
1:19-21 Essentials The Fate of Those Who Never Hear 1544
1:16,17 Chart Salvation: Past, Present, Future 1545
2:15 Teaching Points  Is Everyone Lost to Sin?  1546
3:24,25 Tough Questions How can the concepts of justification
and propitiation be undersood? 
5:3,4 For Reflection Joy in Suffering 1550
6:1-14 Essentials The Fall and Redemption of Man  1551
6:1-23 Chart The Relationship between Justification 
and Sanctification 
8:13 For Reflection Killing the Deeds of Flesh 1553
9:12,13 Tough Questions What does Scripture mean when it 
says "God hated" someone? 
12:1 Picture This Living Sacrifices 1561
13:1-7 Tough Questions Is civil disobedience an option for 
15:19 FYI Merism in the Scripture 1565
16:1,2 Historically Speaking Sisters in Christ  1566
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The Holy War

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